Sirva, Inc.

Case Details

Class Period:
November 25, 2003 – January 31, 2005
Date Filed:
November 4, 2004
Case Number:
Northern District of Illinois

Case Summary

Saxena White served as sole lead counsel in Central Laborer's v. SIRVA Litig., which was litigated in the Northern District of Illinois (SIRVA is the parent company of North American Van Lines). After 2 1/2 years of hard-fought litigation, an extensive investigation which involved conducting nearly 120 witness interviews, and the review of approximately 2.7 million documents produced by Defendants, a two day mediation was conducted at which we were able to reach a global $53.3 million dollar settlement on behalf of the proposed shareholder class. In addition, we conducted a comprehensive review of SIRVA's corporate governance procedures in an effort to ensure that securities fraud and accounting violations were less likely to occur at the Company in the future. This careful and comprehensive review, which we spearheaded in conjunction with retained corporate governance experts, confirmed that SIRVA had made great strides in improving its governance standards over the course of our lawsuit. This was especially true in the area of its internal controls, which were one of our primary concerns. The company formally recognized, in writing, that our lawsuit was one of the main reasons that it reformed its governance standards, which confirmed that we were the key catalyst compelling SIRVA to recognize the need to change the way it does business.