Derivative Litigation

In addition to prosecuting securities fraud and consumer class actions, Saxena White P.A. also strives to protect shareholder rights by improving the manner in which companies are governed. Saxena White's shareholder derivative litigation department assists our individual and institutional clients in serving as a representative plaintiff on behalf of a company. These actions are typically brought for the benefit of a corporation against its insiders, including the board of directors and executives, in situations where such insiders' misconduct has harmed the company.

Through shareholder derivative litigation, Saxena White has been able to correct deficiencies in a company's corporate structure, including insider misconduct, illicit self-dealing and breaches of fiduciary duty, thereby ensuring that our clients' ownership interests in the company are protected moving forward. In so doing, Saxena White insures that the company, its shareholders and the investment markets at large benefit from corporate insiders adhering to their legal obligations of good faith, fair dealing and loyalty.

Saxena White has successfully achieved significant and far-reaching corporate governance changes through settlement or court orders. We have empowered our clients to initiate litigation that has resulted in important initiatives to promote corporate accountability, including enhanced internal controls, director independence, and the free flow of information between management and the board of directors.

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