Direct Actions

Strategic Direct Actions Can Protect Valuable Claims and Maximize Your Recovery

Numerous high-profile cases have demonstrated that, in the right circumstances, a direct “opt out” suit can yield significant value. Direct resolutions can provide many advantages over passively participating in a securities class action settlement, including the potential for accelerated recovery of substantially larger sums. Our clients rely on us to advise them on navigating the complex landscape of private litigation, including the best fiduciary practices for preventing valuable securities fraud recoveries from lapsing under statutory time bars.

The Value of Consultation

The decision to file a direct action, as opposed to active or passive participation in a class case, can be a complex one. Saxena White specializes in consulting on precisely this issue. Our attorneys have litigated many of the largest securities opt-out cases in history, and served as trusted counsel to many of the world’s largest and most prominent institutional investors. Our attorneys are also recognized experts on best fiduciary practices for protecting securities fraud recoveries from statutory time bars, following the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2017 decision in CalPERS v. ANZ Securities that the pendency of a securities class action does not stop the running of the statute of repose for investors’ individual claims for recovery.

With experience in major securities fraud cases globally, Saxena White has the knowledge and experience to help you analyze the pros and cons of bringing your own claims. Our comprehensive monitoring tools and customized on-line database includes analysis of all statutory deadlines to file direct cases, all available claims, all investment products, and the precise quantification of losses under all applicable legal and accounting standards, ensuring that alternative paths to recovery are timely considered and fully vetted. If a decision is made to litigate, our attorneys tailor direct action cases to the unique factual circumstances of each client, enabling us to achieve greater recoveries. We can help you evaluate the benefits and risks of going the direct route, and determine the appropriate timing for this type of claim. For an example of Saxena White’s Opt-Out Reports and a demo of our online system, or for any case-specific consultation, please contact us.

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Every year billions of dollars are recovered through securities fraud litigation. If you are a victim of corporate fraud, recover your money by joining a class action lawsuit.