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November 13-16, 2016


The International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans is a nonprofit organization, dedicated to providing the diverse employee benefits community with objective, solution-oriented education, research and information. The 62nd Annual Conference will be held in Orlando, FL.

October 8-12, 2016


The National Council on Teacher Retirement (NCTR) is constituted as an independent association dedicated to safeguarding the integrity of public retirement systems in the United States and its territories to which teachers belong and to promoting the rights and benefits of all present and future members of the systems. The 94th Annual Conference will be held in Providence, RI.

September 28-30, 2016


The Council of Institutional Investors (CII) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan association of corporate, public and union employee benefit funds and endowments with a focused policy mission: to be the leading voice for effective corporate governance practices for U.S. companies and strong shareholder rights and protections. The 2016 Fall Conference will be held in Chicago, IL.

September 20-22, 2016

Georgia Association of Public Pension Trustees 2016 Annual Conference

The Georgia Association of Public Pension Trustees is a nonprofit organization formed solely to provide education and development for Trustees and Administrators of Georgia's Public Pension Plan. The 2016 conference will be held at Lake Lanier Islands, GA.

August 6-10, 2016

NASRA 2016 Annual Conference

Founded in 1955, the National Association of State Retirement Administrators, NASRA, is a non-profit association whose members are the directors of the nation's state, territorial and largest statewide public retirement system. The 2016 Annual Conference being held in D'Alene, ID features in the fields of retirement plan investment and administration covering a variety of subjects including investment management, world events applicable to the pension industry, the economy, human resources, trends, and more. For more information visit

June 26-29, 2016

Florida Public Pension Trustees Association 32nd Annual Conference

The Florida Public Pension Trustees Association has been established for the purpose of providing education and information for the public pension system and protecting Defined Benefit Pension Plans. The 32nd Annual Conference will be held in Orlando, FL.

June 21-24, 2016

National Association of Public Pension Attorneys 2016 Legal Education Conference

Maya Saxena will be presenting as part of the expert panel discussing foreign litigation. The National Association of Public Pension Attorneys is a legal professional and educational organization. The 2016 Legal Education Conference will provide its members an opportunity to meet others in the public pension field with the same legal challenges they are facing and to network with other members. The 2016 conference will be held in New Orleans, LA.

May 15-18, 2016

NCPERS 2016 Annual Conference

Founded in 1941, the National Conference on Public Employee Retirement Systems (NCPERS) is the largest trade association for public sector pensions funds. The 2016 Annual Conference is being held in San Diego, CA, and will provide comprehensive educational programming, dynamic speakers and networking opportunities. For more information please visit

March 5-8, 2016

CALAPRS General Assembly 2016

CALAPRS sponsors educational forums for sharing information and exchanging ideas among trustees and staff of California public retirement systems to enhance their ability to administer public pension plan benefits and manage investments consistent with their fiduciary responsibility. The 2016 General Assembly is being held in Indian Wells, CA. For more information visit

February 28, 2016

Emb(race) ® 6th Annual 5k

The 6th Annual emb(race)® on Sunday, February 28, 2016 will bring together people with and without disabilities for a morning of racing, walking and fun. Emb(race)® is an opportunity for friends, family and neighbors to come together and learn side by side about diversity in our community.

February 17-19, 2016

NAPPA 2016 Winter Seminar

The National Association of Public Pension Attorneys, NAPPA, is a legal educational and professional association. The Winter Seminar is being held in Washington, DC from February 17-19, 2016. For more information visit

January 13-15, 2016

Opal Financial Group’s Annual Public Funds Summit

Maya Saxena will be speaking at Opal Financial Group's Public Fund Summit being held January 13-15, 2016, in Scottsdale, Arizona. Ms. Saxena will be presenting on Wednesday, January 13, 2016.

Opal Financial Group's Public Funds Summit addresses issues that are critical to the investment success of senior public pension fund officers and trustees in the new millennium. By focusing on an atmosphere of education rather than sales or marketing, the Public Funds Summit provides a unique environment in which members of the public sector can exchange ideas and learn from other delegates, money managers and consultants. For more information on Opal Financial Group, please visit Opal Public Funds Summit.

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