Our Clients, Our Communities

Saxena White is committed to supporting our institutional investors, as well as their communities, in numerous charitable organizations.

In particular, Saxena White has a strong relationship with the Atlanta Police Athletic League (PAL). The Atlanta Police Athletic League is a non-profit public benefit corporation. The mission is to provide a safe environment for youth to reach their full potential, through partnerships with police and community; utilizing athletics and other programs which are geared to improving the quality of life of its participants. Saxena White has recently had the opportunity to get involved and assist this worthy organization by attending various events to help raise money and awareness to this cause.

Another organization Saxena White has strong ties to is the Florida Association of Police Explorers (F.A.P.E.). F.A.P.E. is a youth run program that allows young males and females between the ages of 14-21, and allows them the opportunity to become leaders within the organization. The belief is youth who are influenced today will become the law enforcement officers of tomorrow. Over the years, Saxena White has had the opportunity to be involved in this worthy organization in many ways. From donations for shirts and bags, to actively participating in their annual competition, the firm will continue to help this worthy cause and show our support.

Closer to home, Saxena White gets involved with various organizations that support the local community. Just recently, firm members participated in a local 5k to show support for people with disabilities. The annual emb(race) ® 5k brings people together to learn about diversity in the community.





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