Report a Fraud

Saxena White strives to hold corporate executives accountable for their illegal activity and quite often the assistance we receive from the informed members of the general public can fuel our investigations.  If you have information concerning any of our current cases, or any activity you believe could amount to securities fraud within a publicly traded corporation, we ask that you assist shareholders' efforts to recover what they have lost by sharing your information with Saxena White. 

You may remain anonymous, if necessary, but please understand that the value of any information is enhanced tremendously if we have an opportunity to ask a few follow-up questions.  If you are submitting information anonymously and would like to follow up by speaking with a Saxena White attorney or investigator, please state this in your message, provide some phrase or reference to identify your message and tell us when you intend to call Saxena White at 561.394.3399.

You may use the form conveniently located below or email Maya Saxena or Joe White directly.

Please provide as much information as possible.
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